Cheers, to Delicious Business

Most people at some point have had a dream to open a hospitality business. They’ll throw a dinner party, serve a bangin’ tuna casserole and somebody will say, “You should open a restaurant”. Which gets them thinking….”Maybe I should open a restaurant”. The next thing you know, they have spent their life savings, remortgaged their house, lost the will to live and shut up shop after not even a year in business.

An exaggerated case, sure, but our point is this: owning and operating a hospitality business is not easy, at all. In fact, it is one of the hardest jobs there is. There’s expensive equipment that always breaks down in the middle of service; long days and nights on your feet resulting in aches and pains that make you feel 50 when you’re 25; hard to please customers who think your job is easy; and seemingly endless stacks of admin, resource consent and compliance that you have to get through before you can even think about doing the fun stuff.

When business is slow, running a restaurant feels like throwing a party that nobody shows up to, day after day. So why do we love it so much? And why would we encourage anybody to stay in a line of work that is so bloody hard? Because on the good days, when you look around your packed restaurant and it’s humming with conversation; teeming with satisfied smiles; and everything is exactly as you dreamed it would be, that is the greatest feeling in the world.

We love the industry we have all grown up working in, and seeing how it has flourished in our city over the past few years. After having ventures of our own and learning a lot of lessons, we thought we could combine our skills to empower others to be the best they can be. And so, after much discussion over many beers, wines and snacks, Delicious Business was born.

Around here we’ll jump at any excuse to get people together for a good time. We plan to host cooking classes, stimulating food chats and supper clubs; and keep you in the loop about everything we are eating, drinking and cooking via our newsletter. For our first event we are keeping it simple with an intimate, laid-back handmade pasta class. We’ll pour you a glass of wine while you learn how to make fresh pasta dough; pork ragu; and ravioli with sage and butter sauce, then sit down to eat it.

Click the link below to get your tickets and we’ll see you there,

Sophie, Camille, Leisha and Will